BLOGGING THRU THE BIBLE: She doesn’t worry… {Proverbs 31: 19-22}

We continue today with verse 19 – 22 of Proverbs 31. We have more amazing characters of a good wife.

Proverbs 31:20 touches my heart today “…. she extends her hand to the poor”. Such a blessing that each of us girls have to help the poor. 

It doesn’t have to be in big scale, doing something that comes from the heart is the best. Like buying groceries for someone you don’t know, buying a meal for a homeless person, smile and chat with station staffs and etc. When we walk out of our place with love, we will see there are people that we can help in our daily lives.

Our little action can actually make a huge difference in their lives. Let’s all pray to become a blessing to others. We can challenge ourselves with a to do list daily, like to make three people smile. Simple, pure and filled with love.

And verse 21 shows that we are to be strong and not to worry about things as everything is ready and mended. That verse just made me think how wonderful our Lord is. He is always there working for us and we only need to tell him everything and rest.

Happy studying girls.

God bless,




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