BLOGGING THRU THE BIBLE: Introducing the Book of Acts

Introducing The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts studies coming soon….. Aren’t we all excited for that? We are reading through the Bible – one chapter a day – five days a week and this fall – the Book of Acts followed by the Book of Numbers!

Here’s Our Fall Schedule:

August 31st – September 7th
Regroup & Welcome Leaders
Free Resources for the study will be posted during this week

September 7th- October 14th
The Book of Acts
One chapter a day

October 15th – 25th:

October 26th – December 14th:
The Book of Numbers
One chapter a day


NEW PRINTABLE —> We are reading through the Bible here at GMG so here’s  My Bible Reading Plan – so you can mark off the chapters as you complete them!


GMG also provides our very own – specially made for the GMG’s – Beautiful Acts Journals which available at Amazon UK.

(Click image for purchase link)



**New surprise**

GM Guys Journal for your son, husband, boyfriend, partner — ask them to join along with you. (Click image for purchase link)



I already can’t wait for Book of Acts, such Holy-Spirit filled book. Happy holidays and see you soon in September.

Peace be with you all,



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