The Book of Acts was one wonderful book where we see the Holy Spirit in action guiding the Apostles in their daily lives. The author was Luke, a doctor by profession from Antioch, Syria and the only Gentile in the Bible. He was a companion of Paul, often travelling with him.

As we see study Book of Acts, we see similarities between the Apostle Paul and Peter. They both performed miracles, saw visions, suffered for their faith, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed the sick, exorcised demons, raised the dead, and died in Rome.

There are 8 main significant events in the Book of Acts:

  1. The Day of Pentecost
  2. The Complaint of the Widows
  3. Stephen’s Martydom
  4. Philip in Samaria
  5. The Conversation of Paul
  6. Peter in Caesarea
  7. The Jerusalem Council
  8. Coherent Purpose

The Word of God spread quickly during their time and expansion took place. We are AMBASSADOR of CHRIST, let’s continue to spread the Good News in every situation we can!

Happy studying girls.

God bless,





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