Several weeks ago, I wrote about how to begin keeping a prayer journal.

Today I wanted to share 17 prayer journal prompts to follow up on how to begin keeping a prayer journal. It is a space that you can speak to God and look back at how good he always is, even when we are going thru a turmoil because we are CHILDREN OF GOD.

17 Prayer Journal Prompts

1. Rewrite a favorite Scripture in prayer. Highlight the sentences or words of a passage that stand out in your mind and rewrite it back to God.

2. Write a thank you note for something for which you feel especially blessed. Use words or phrases as if you are talking to your best friend.

3. Tell God how much you love him and praise him for who He is. Write a letter to Him.

4. Write out a list of thanks for everyday things and pray the list to God.

5. Copy a meaningful prayer that someone else has written into your prayer journal. The exercise of writing it in your handwriting provides your brain a way to remember the meaning.

6. Write out a prayer of praise for all God has accomplished in your life. Just make a list of the times you’ve seen him work and thank him for it.

7. Write a prayer on behalf of a loved one. Thank God for them and describe your thoughts about this person to God.

8. Surrender all your thoughts to the Lord by writing out a prayer of giving yourself to him. You may want to list things you hold the most dear and hold them up to him with open hands in full trust.

9. Pray a prayer of blessing over someone you love.

10. Pray for your enemies.

11. Take a prayer walk outside and for everything you see, give thanks. Nature gives us much to praise God for. After taking your walk, grab your journal and plop down in a field or on a park bench. Write out words of praise to God for his creation.

12. Use a list of the names of God to write a prayer of thanks for who he is.

13. Write out a prayer for the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40) and ask God to show you your part in ministering to the homeless, disabled, or the elderly. Ask God to specifically show you the special needs you can meet right where you are.

14. List out your priorities or decisions you must make in the next week. Give them to God and ask him to lead you every step of the way.

15. Rewrite your church prayer list needs and pray over them, asking God to meet those needs.

16. Use a journal entry to pray for your local leaders, community, church and business. Write out any specific needs of which you are aware and give them to God.

17. Copy the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. Then rewrite the prayer using your own words.

Which idea excites you the most? Or do you have a prayer journal prompt you’d like to share?


Be blessed,




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