BLOGGING THRU THE BIBLE: Job is Tested {Job 1 & 2}

Blogging thru Bible New

Job suffered. He asked “Why?” He asked “Why me?” And he put his questions to God. Let’s study the amazing journey of Job with God. 

Job is famous among people of faith and he did not understand  why he was suffering. He lost his possessions, his children and his health. His first test was his family and fortune (Job 1) and the second test is his health (Job 2). Yet Job shows us how to push through protests in the face of suffering and get through the pain to a more intensely lived faith. 

“At this, Job got up and tore his robe and shaved his head. Then, he fell to the ground in worship” {Job 1:20}

How many of us can stay strong like Job in the times of tribulation? He praised and blessed the name of the LORD. What God didn’t have was a Saviour. We have the greatest gift of all, OUR SAVIOUR who tells us not to be worried(Matthew 6:25-34). God is BIGGER and STRONGER than any of our circumstances. 


Satan (ha-satan), the accuser or the adversary, attempted to drive a wedge between Job and God by getting Job to believe that God’s governing of the world was not just and good. Satan asked God for permission to take Job’s wealth, children and health away. Satan was limited to what Gd allowed.

Christ alone is our hope and glory. We believe God is our Mighty.

  1. Suffering remain mystery in this book. God never explained to Job the reasons for his intense pain. Although we may not understand fully the pain, it can lead us to discover God.
  2. You may not be able to control how Satan may attack, you can always choose how you will respond when it happens.

Be blessed,





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