BLOGGING THRU THE BIBLE: Introducing the Book of MARK

Mark Begins March 7th

Spring is almost here and I am SO excited to announce our next study!

We begin our study in the Gospel of Mark on Monday, March 7th!

Our Bible Reading Plan will line up nicely with Easter.
This book is perfect as we prepare our hearts for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

This study will run from March 7th to March 28th.

The optional Mark Journal is available now exclusively on Amazon UK!



Inside the journals you will find:
*An Introduction to the Book of Mark
*An explanation of how to use the signature S.O.A.K. method of the GMG’s
*The GMG Coloring Chart
* The Verse of the Day each day
*A Reflection Question for each day
* Blank space for SOAKing each chapter of the Book of Mark

If you are new, welcome to Good Morning Girls!

We are so glad you are here!

We are Reading Through the Bible – one chapter a day – five days a week. There are no sign-ups or enrollments.

Join us in our GMG FB Study Bible Group:

We are reading the books switching back and forth between the New Testament and the Old Testament.

So far we have completed:

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Esther, Job, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Matthew, Acts, 1 & 2 Peter, 1,2, & 3 John and Jude!

To keep track of all of the books you have completed use this printable below.  Notice there are no dates on any of our reading plans so anyone can join us anytime.

Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark


Peace be with you all,





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