BLOGGING THRU THE BIBLE: Introducing Our Summer Bible Study and Something New!

Ecclesiastes Begins June 13

Summer is almost here and I am SO excited to announce our next study!

This Bible study is like NONE we have ever done here at Women Living Well.

This study is work of our gorgeous Courtney Joseph and her mother. They worked together to create an in-depth Bible study of my favorite book of the Bible – Ecclesiastes!  This means they have done the background work and have written a verse by verse guide through this book.  It includes cross references to the New Testament, application questions and discussion questions so you can do this with a group if you choose.  Every Friday, Courtney will record a video for us and I will post it here.

We begin our study in the the Book of Ecclesiastes on Monday, June 13th!

This is a 6-week study that runs Mondays through Fridays, ending on July 22nd.

It is available on Amazon NOW!

This is not a journal – this is an in-depth Bible Study.  

Here’s some pictures of the interior:


This Bible Study Work Book is not required to join us but I REALLY recommend it.

On Mondays, I’ll post all of the FREE resources for the week including the Daily Discussion Questions and printable Verses of the Day.

On Fridays, I’ll post a video devotional here on the blog and invite you to fellowship in the comments.  There is a place in your workbook to take notes each week, as you listen to the video.

If you are new, welcome to Good Morning Girls!
We are so glad you are here!


REGROUPING Begins on June 6th.

We regroup here at GMG 3 times a year – summer, fall and winter.  You DO NOT have to have a group, to join our on-line Bible study.  

There are no sign-ups, enrollments or subscriptions required to join us. 

Join us at GMG UK Bible Study FB Group:

See you soon!

Peace be with you all,



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